Unique Technique

Copper Art Sculpture - Cobb GalleryAll of Cobb’s sculptures are made from flat sheets of copper, referred to as sixteen ounce copper in the industry. Cobb has the unique ability to envision the three dimensional shapes he desires on the flat sheets. He then hand draws each image, including the lines he will later cut that will allow him to hammer and fold the sheet into the three dimensional image desired, much like origami. These pieces are then assembled using a brazing process of solid copper, usually around a steel armature to give the sculpture the strength to last for generations.

Once the metal work is completed and thoroughly cleaned, a finish is chosen to compliment the piece. Natural Patinas are often used as this last step. A patina is a oxidizing process that can be chemically controlled to give the sculpture a specific color and texture. These patinas are forced onto the copper and, once established, should last as long as the copper itself. Cobb has also learned to coax vibrant colors from the copper using the heat from his torch, much like a paint brush. These pieces are then sealed and will stay beautiful for countless years inside the home. Occasionally, certain pieces will call for a bit of paint to complete the image; possibly a white starched shirt or black tuxedo. All are built to require little or no maintenance for generations to come.