Andy’s pieces add that little touch of fun that every garden needs so that it won’t take itself too seriously.

Donna Rae Mitchell, Landscape Architect

I don’t think life should be taken too seriously. Andy’s sculptures take some of the angst out of life. You can’t help but laugh when you see one of Andy’s frogs.

Nancy Witt, Crossmill Gallery (www.crossmillgallery.com)

Our frog is surrounded by flowers. It is the focal point of our garden. We love him. My wife even makes outfits for him. This year she made him a Santa Claus suit. It brings a smile to everyone’s face. And the neat thing is, our frog is unique in all the world. No two of Andy’s frogs are ever the same. Each one has its own personality and character. They say money can’t buy happiness, but I tell you what, our frog pays happiness dividends.

Charles Wilson, Mortgage Banker

For me, Andy created a ballet dancing frog on pointe in a perfect arabesque. She is the focal point of my backyard, ‘Park in Paris.’ Andy is simply brilliant, astonishing, unique. I’m delighted to have one of his pieces in my garden.

Linda Lavin, Actress

Andy made seven great blue herons for Waterford, an upscale residential real estate development. Andy’s birds make a statement about the quality of the community and the quality of life it offers that nothing else I know of can make.”

Bert Exum, Real Estate Developer

We commissioned five of Andy’s frogs for our shopping village. There are two at the entrance that greet you as you drive in, another on a balcony overlooking the courtyard. Just about everywhere you walk you’ll see one of Andy’s frogs. We invest in them because they bring a smile to our customers’ faces. I see people all the time taking pictures of themselves with our frogs. They just are a lot of fun.

Joel Tomaselli, Shopping Village Owner