Enhancing the Garden Visitor’s Experience

Ribbit the Exhibit

If you think frogs only belong in trees and fairy tales then you have never found yourself in a garden with Ribbit the Exhibit creations. These metal masterpieces will capture your attention and your heart.

The traveling art installation compromised of whimsical copper art sculptures can be featured at botanical centers and public gardens near you. To learn more about boosting attendance at your next event, or simply adding something special for your loyal visitors, browse the portfolio and book Ribbit the Exhibit today!

We don’t want to toot our horn, we will let our clients do it for us.

Discover why Ribbit the Exhibit makes such a splash.

“Dow Gardens has hosted both Ribbit One and Ribbit Two. The only regret that my staff and I have is that Ribbit 3 does not exist. Our garden comes alive when ‘The Ribbits’ are in town and our guests come out time and time again to share the experience with family and friends.”

Elizabeth Lumbert

Director, Dow Gardens

“Each sculpture of Ribbit the Exhibit fit so perfectly like it was made just for our garden. One of our favorite venues was the three jazz musician frogs. We placed a motion detector in front of the trio and when guests walked by, jazz music began to play through hidden speakers. What a great surprise for all. Our members were all delighted with this exhibit.”

Mildred Fockele

Director, Atlanta Botanical Garden

Meet the artist J.A. Cobb

Known for his large-scale, magical copper art, J.A. Cobb creates fanciful frogs and custom designs for clients worldwide. While he is particularly renowned for his large-scale frog sculptures, he also produces exquisite copper sculptures of birds, fishes, and other eclectic animals. He instills a bit of fairy tale magic into every piece with an uncommon level of skill and artistry. Each large piece is crafted with care and dedication and the goal of manipulating metal into something more. When you commission Cobb, you hire an artist who will work with you to produce a unique result.

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